Serene Branson Migraine Aura Blamed For Video

Los Angeles reporter Serene Branson’s on air moment of confusion was caused by what’s referred to as a migraine aura.

Branson stunned viewers last week while on the air reporting about the Grammy Awards when she started to slur her words and became incomprehensible.

The manifestation of the illness is called aphasia but could also be called dysphasia since she was still able to speak. In the prior, one isn’t able to vocalize.

Branson who is recuperating well did an interview with CBS’ “The Early Show” on Friday where she said:

“I knew something wasn’t right as soon as I opened my mouth.I hadn’t been feeling well a little bit before the live shot. I had a headache, my vision was very blurry. I knew something wasn’t right, but I just thought I was tired. So when I opened my mouth, I thought, ‘This is more than just being tired. Something is terribly wrong.’ I wanted to say, ‘Lady Antebellum swept the Grammys.’ And I could think of the words, but I could not get them coming out properly.”

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