Serene Branson Video: CBS Reporter Troubled By Viral Video

KCBS reporter Serene Branson is troubled by the video of her on air moment of illness while covering the Grammy Awards.

The video of the KCBS-TV Channel 2 reporter is all over the web and that prompted Branson to appear on “The Early Show” in order to set the record straight about what happened that night when she began slurring her speech and became incomprehensible to viewers.

Branson said on the show that during the incident at the Staples Center last Sunday night her vision was blurry and her head began aching and she knew as she continued that something was amiss.

As Branson tried to report on the win for country music celebs Lady Antebellum but instead went into moments of incomprehensibility and gibberish. Soon the camera pulled away and she then dropped the microphone feeling “wobbly”. She said her cheek and hands went numb. She was attended to by paramedics. She then saw the videos on YouTube and felt a little embarrassed about all the attention.

Now she is feeling great and a little tired she says and is feeling like herself again.

She was later diagnosed with a migraine aura which often mimics the same symptoms of a stroke.

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