Terbutaline Gets FDA Warning

The FDA has recently pushed for more stringent safety warnings on a popular treatment which is supposedly able to prevent women from going into premature labor, something that can cause serious health complications for both the baby and the mother.

One spokesperson for the FDA said that pregnant women should not be administered terbutaline intravenously for more than tree days because there is the potential for heart problems later on and even death.

The treatment is now required to carry a serious warning label on the box from the FDA for women who are considering using it.

Officials from the Food and Drug Administration also stated that they would like to warn doctors of the dangers of giving pregnant women the drug in pill form.

They have said that it should not be prescribed because it hasn’t even been proven to be effective and they do not think it is appropriate at all for this use.

The FDA has commented on the dangerousness of this drug in the past for pregnant women and believes it should not be prescribed at all but will settle for a warning label.

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