Women Would Give Up Sex To Be Slim

In a poll of 2,400 women, Fitness Magazine asked them if they would forgo a year without having sex if it meant they could be skinny and 51% said yes.

In other data gleaned from the surveys as 43% of the women said they had skipped meals on a regular basis to lose the extra pounds and 39% said they had taken diet pills. Another 40% said they went on their first diet in high school but perhaps as early as middle school.

Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, a psychologist who contributed to the survey said on “The Early Show on Saturday Morning” that the survey “really says a lot about body image.”

Hartstein then referred to the sex and body image link as a really vicious cycle and that we need to handle this outlook.

She emphasized that it’s about self confidence and self assurance that brings about these viewpoints women have about their bodies. She also pointed out that the media plays an enormous role in sending the message that women need to be slim.

She also discussed that the message the culture and media sends to girls at a very young age is causing them to diet earlier and that this trend is disturbing.

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