Too Old For A Baby?

It’s not just a matter of being physically able to give birth, but rather can you raise that baby into a responsible adult, ready for the real world. Well in Hisar, India a woman give birth and after delivery she couldn’t find the ability within her to sit up, the pain shot through her body. She was a first time mother, her name is Bhateri Devi. She needed the help of a family member just to steady her body and collect herself after delivery. Bhateri chose to have a Cesarean section, otherwise referred to as a c-section. Many women have undergone c-section operations and they have been considered as a safe delivery method in the United States. Bhateri is not your average woman having a c-section and giving birth to a beautiful child though. Bhateri is 66 years old and in May of this year she gave birth to triplets. The three new babies in her life will be her first mothering experience.

Bhateri told reporters, “I wanted to have a family. Before I didn’t have any children, even at this age, that’s why I gave birth to these children.” Deva Singh is 70, her husband, and he backed his wife up completely by saying “So what if she’s old?”
The couple did try to have children earlier in their lives. When they were younger, they desperately tried to have children but they were not able to conceive a child. Fortunately for the two, they found a fertility clinic that was able to treat Devi for her condition that disabled her from having children. The clinic was located just outside of their village in the Indian state known as Haryana. Many people are questioning the integrity of the two and are wondering why they didn’t seek help for her fertility earlier when the clinic was hardly far away at all. Doctor Buishnoi Anurag treated Devi for her condition and he is well known in the area for his fertility practices. He stated to reporters, “Why not? We have been doing it for many years.” He also said that he has helped around 100 patients that were over 50 years old conceive babies. He reported that none of them suffered a mortality or maternal death.

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