US Birth Rate Low Level During Recession

US Birth Rate Low Level During Recession – Experts are blaming the recession for a lower birth rate in the US. Data was released today that shows that the country has been reproducing at a much lower rate, likely because many are worried about their financial stability, and bringing a child into the world has become that much bigger of a decision. The decline was seen in all age groups from teens through women in their 30’s.

In 2007, the birth rate was higher than it had ever been, with 4.3 million births. Some have said that the mid 2000’s resembled a second baby boom. 2009 still eclipsed the 4 million mark, but was down 2.7% from the previous year.

Younger women were behind the most significant declines in the data. The data showed that younger women are not having children nearly as often, most likely because they are not financially stable enough and are deciding to delay pregnancy. Women over the age of 40 were the only ones whose birth rates saw increases. This can be attributed to the fact that by their 40’s, most people are financially stable and are able to support a child.
The report stated that the current birth levels are below what is considered to be the necessary level to replace the previous generation. Could the number of people in the United States potentially drop in the future, as a result of our recession? Some certainly think so, and the data seems to back this hypothesis up. It will be interesting to see how the birth rates change in the coming years as the economy slowly recovers.

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