Weekend Lay Ins Could Boost Brain Power

Scientist have stated that lying in at the weekend is not just something to look forward to. They claim that it is an essential part of boosting your brain power in order to work through the whole week. They say that people who return to work on a Monday morning after having a good lay in at the weekend generally perform better than those who have not. According to the study, just one lay in over the weekend could boost your brain power dramatically. It also says that you become more alert, and generally have more energy.

Scientists also added that studies have shown that staying out late partying at the weekend is not a good way to start the week, and that it can significantly impair your performance for the working week ahead. Those in the study who had no sleep at all were found to have a much worse performance than those who had a good nights sleep.

During the study, some participants were allowed ten hours of sleep every single night throughout the study. Others were allowed ten hours on some days, and zero hours on others. Those who had less sleep were said to have performed worse.

This new information will make a lot of people happy, that’s for sure. The next time your other half complains about you lying in at the weekend you can simply state that you are boosting your brain power for the week!

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