Healthy Heart Slows Brain Ageing, Says Study

Your brain. It’s required for a lot of things, such as everything you do. You know to keep your body fit, but how do you keep your brain fit?

A Boston University team has recently found that the health of the heart also affects the health of the brain. If your heart is unhealthy, then chances are your brain is also seeming to be older in it’s condition.

1,500 people were studied in this test, and not all of them were sick or ill. The results were found in the healthy and also those in their 30s without heart disease. The brain was found to shrink with age, it discovered.

Lead researcher Dr Angela Jefferson said: “These participants are not sick people. A very small number have heart disease. The observation that nearly a third of the entire sample has low cardiac index and that lower cardiac index is related to smaller brain volume is concerning and requires further study.”

The findings of this study may be an early warning indicator of heart disease or other problems. It may also help with find cures and preventive measures, both saving lives and extending lives.

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