Babies with Mom’s Affection Less Stressed Adults

Babies with Mom’s Affection Less Stressed Adults – A child brought in mildness is an adult able to confront the harshness of life. The conclusion may seem paradoxical, but it is the result of an analysis published Tuesday in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, an American magazine.

For this study of 482 people in Rhode Island were followed, the researchers compared data on the relation of infants from 8 months with their mother, and emotional functioning, as measured by tests at the age of 34 years in the 90s.

The quality of the interaction of infants with their mother at the age of 8 months was evaluated by a psychologist, who noted the reactions of affection and attention of the mother when the baby development was tested, and her reaction to his performance.

People were then tested at the age of 34 years on the basis of a list of symptoms indicative of anxiety and hostility as well as wider malaise. Whatever the social milieu, it was found that those whose mothers had shown great affection when they were 8 months had levels of anxiety, hostility and ill-being the lowest.

According to researchers, this confirms that even the earliest experiences can affect adult life. The organic memory built early can “produce latent vulnerabilities,” the study said.

The researchers believe this fact should be, to be effective, target ages much earlier in interventions for the welfare of children in order to “prevent the printing of negative experiences.”

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