Having A Sister is Good For Mental Health

All of us complain about how annoying our siblings are at some point in our lives, those of us that have siblings do anyway. However, a study has shown that having a sister can actually be beneficial to your emotional health.

According to a study released in the Journal of Family Psychology, having a sister can stop teenagers from feeling guilty, unloved, self-conscious, lonely, and many other things. The study was carried out through 200 and 2008 and reportedly showed that siblings can have a positive influence on each other, no matter what age or gender they are.

According to the study, siblings who are loving will demonstrate generosity, and kindness, and can also help fight off things such as depression and bad behavior. The study reportedly shows that having a sister is more likely to prevent a sibling from suffering with depression more than having a brother. It also showed that siblings have more of an influence over each other than the parents.

The study reportedly also showed that siblings can also have a negative effect on each other if they show hostility towards one and other. It is stated that those who do show hostility towards one and other are more likely to show aggression in other relationships later on in life. Parents should be doing everything that they can to help their children to get along, one professor said.

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