Celebrity-endorsed Health Tips Debunked

A few scientists have made it their goals to debunk the so-called “health tips” that celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have been trying to get the public to swallow and so far they have been successful.

Some of the health tips include wearing silicone bracelets to help increase energy levels as well as reabsorbing sperm. The Sense About Science campaign made an effort to get the truth out about diet and exercise, debunking a number of tips that actors and musicians have been trying to pass off as fact.

Scientists say that they are trying to let these celebrities know where they went wrong with their advice.
Both David Beckham who is a famous soccer player as well as Kate Middleton, Price William’s fiancé, have started wearing silicone bracelets after hearing about claims that they can boost energy levels and contribute to overall fitness.

Naomi Campbell suggests that people binge on maple syrup, pepper, and lemon for several weeks to cleanse their systems, though scientists say that this will do very little for you.

There have actually been quite a few scientists hard at work to disprove the outrageous claims that celebrities have been making about how to in shape and raise energy levels.

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