Photos During Delivery Banned

Laurie Shifler was just one of the disappointed and somewhat upset new mothers who were shocked to learn that an increasing number of hospitals have been banning the use of video cameras when it comes to deliveries.

Meritus Medical Center was just one of the many hospitals to adopt this policy which prohibits both still photography as well as video recording of any kind when it comes to deliveries until five minutes after the woman has given birth.

The hospital has commented, saying that the use of video cameras distracts the doctors and makes it more difficult for them to do their jobs and bring out the children safely into the world.

The prohibition of video recording and still photography is also for the sake of patient privacy. The hospital’s policy is that if everything is okay and the child and mother are healthy, videotaping as well as the snapping of photos is allowed.

There are still some future moms who are somewhat upset about the fact that they cannot film the process of their delivery as many women have been able to do in the past when giving birth in a hospital. Although this is not the policy in every hospital across the country, it is catching on.

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