Cerebral Palsy Risk Linked To Babies Born Late

Cerebral Palsy Risk Linked To Babies Born Late – A study done in Norway has found a possible link between babies being born late and cerebral palsy. Currently, there is a known link between premature births and birth defects such as cerebral palsy.

This new link may open a new light on the problem, and what possibly precautions can be made to lessen the affects or perhaps to even find a way to prevent this from occurring.

This is the first study to make this link, however the chances of having a post-mature baby with cerebral palsy are quite slim, according to the study.

Dr. Dag Moster, a consultant neonatologist at the University of Bergen, said “We have to discern between relative risk and absolute risk, Even though there are statistical differences in the relative risks, it is important to emphasize that the absolute risk is still very low and the vast majority of children being born some weeks away from 40 weeks will not develop cerebral palsy.”

What this means exactly is unknown, and due to the small risk of cerebral palsy it is not recommended that mothers expecting their child be rushed into a forced labour.

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