Duane Reade DNA Tests Have People Talking

The wonders of DNA testing may soon be coming to a Duane Reade store near you as the company has started selling your own do-it-yourself DNA testing kit for $29.99.

The company Indentigene produces the kit and it’s the first time that it will be available in New York retail stores. The tests will be held at the stores themselves at their walk-in clinics and the final price tag will be around $300 with additional lab fees and charges added.

Identigene states that although the price is hefty, it still costs much more going if you go to a private lab.

Customers welcomed the new kits and are happy to see this new addition to the products displayed at the store. Likening the test to talk show tests that feature DNA such as the “Maury Povich” show, customers are commenting on the new product.

Due to NY State’s laws requiring that paternity tests be administered to only buyers with the authorization from a physician or lawyer and a witness by what is referred to as a disinterested third party.

To meet this requirement workers at the Duane Reade stores will act as such witnesses.

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