FDA Sexual Enhancement Drinks Warning

The FDA has issued multiple warnings about some of the different sexual enhancement drinks on the market, including Passion Coffee and Rock Hard Extreme.

On Thursday the FDA made the announcement that those who have low blood pressure could experience dangerous levels if they take one of these drinks.

It can interact with certain medications in such a way that could prove to be fatal if the circumstances are right.

The active ingredient called “Sulfoaildenafil” could interact badly with certain nitrate medications which could in turn lead to serious medical problems and complications that pose a definite threat to some.

Just two weeks after the FDA sent a strongly-worded letter to dietary supplement manufacturers about cracking down on illegal supplements, they have warned about these sexual enhancement drinks as well.

The FDA wants the public to be aware of the fact that some companies are producing what they call “dietary supplements” when in reality they are nothing more than toxic and dangerous medications that could prove fatal for some people.

The FDA wants everyone to take the warnings seriously, especially those who are currently taking certain drink products to enhance their sexual performance or dietary pills to lose weight.

Some illegal supplements have been known to cause such serious side-effects as stroke and heart attack in the right circumstances.

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