Michelle Ferrari-Gegerson Killed By Neck Massager

A freak accident recently caused a woman in Florida to suffocate and die after she attempted to use a mechanical neck massager to relieve some tension.

Michelle Ferrari-Gegerson lived in Parkland, Florida and had recently finished wrapping Christmas presents in her bedroom when she decided that she would use a mechanical neck massager to relieve some of the stress she was feeling, according to authorities.

Jim Leljedal, who belongs to the Broward County Sheriff’s Department, said, “The massager got entangled with a necklace, and it probably caused her to black out very quickly.” The doctor’s husband, Kenneth, came home to find his wife unconscious, and the neck massager lying next to her body. Although he called emergency services for help, Ferrari-Gegerson was pronounced dead shortly after authorities arrived at the scene.

So far police have not announced what brand of neck massager was being used by Ferrari-Gegerson.

The woman worked in the emergency room at Jackson Memorial Hospital, and was also an associate professor at the University of Florida. So far there have not been any other details about the case released, or when funeral services will be held.

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