Mediterranean Diet No Help Against Asthma

Countries that are located in the Mediterranean enjoy low asthma rates, but studies have shown that their diet is not the reasoning behind their low asthma rates, despite claims that have been made by researchers.
“At the moment, we cannot give definitive advice about any protective effect of diet on asthma,” said study co-author Dr. F.J. Gonzalez Barcala.

The speculation has been that a diet that is rich in fish, fruits, and vegetables could lead to a lower rate of asthma. While it is true that the diet is a very healthy one, researchers cannot definitively say that the diet is the reasoning behind the low rate of the impairment in the region.

There are many different types of Mediterranean diets, which can make it hard to track.
Depending on where the individual is located, a number of changes may be made in the foods that they eat on a daily basis.

Generally, individuals in the Mediterranean area eat a lot of fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains, and avoid milk and other dairy products.

Studies have shown that the diet is a healthy one, and that it can be ideal for weight loss. The team studies nearly 15,000 children from their Mediterranean countries. They looked at the foods they ate and the asthma rates in the boys and girls that were either age 6, 7, 13 or 14. They were categorized into four groups that reflected the extent to which they adhered to the average Mediterranean diet, and the study showed no conclusive evidence that eating foods that are generally included in the diet lead to a lower asthma rate.

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