N.J. Ground Beef Recall 2010: E. Coli Contamination Possibility

A few major grocery stores across New Jersey have recently taken ground beef products offer their shelves due to the fact that they could be contaminated with E. coli.

Retailers across six different states have started to take down the ground beef because of the health scare which was recently started after it was discovered that many of the packages may be contaminated and pose a risk to those who eat it.

The recall includes a total of 34,373 pounds of ground beef which has been taken off the shelves in many grocery stores and supermarkets throughout the country due to possible health risks that retailers do not want to take any chances with.

The ground beef products were under the name “Natures Harvest” and “Organic Harvest”. The number “18895” is on each of the packages which consumers can easily recognize if they have already bought packages of the possibly-tainted meat.

Although so far there have been no cases of E. coli poisoning, the company that produced it wants to play it safe and take it off shelves in multiple retail food stores anyway so there aren’t any problems with people getting sick from eating it.

The positive test for E. coli set off the recall which is still in the process of being coordinated.

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