Petting Zoos Dangerous?

We’ve all been children once, and we all remember going to the petting zoo to play with the farm animals such as sheep, goats, chickens, many animals we see more as food than animals.

However, a recent investigation by ‘Good Morning America’ has found that petting zoos are also a playground for germs to spread to children, as well as how to ensure your children remain germ free when they go home.

“There have been some E. coli outbreaks associated with petting zoos,” North Dakota State University food and nutrition expert Julie Garden-Robinson tells “GMA.”

Leaving your child’s drink cups and snacks at home is an idea, as hungry animals are able to smell the food or drink, which a goat or a horse will attempt to get a meal from. Which would mean, that essentially, your child will be sharing saliva and germs with a farmyard animal.

At Red River Valley Fair in West Fargo, North Dakota, Wally Zerebko’s petting zoo allow ‘GMA’ to test the areas, and even inside a camel’s mouth, to find out what germs and bacteria may exist as potential hazards.

The petting zoo spends around $2000 in maintaining health standards, however, there were still many contaminants there which may cause health problems to children.

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