Similac Recall 2010-Saudi Arabia Abbott Similac Baby Formula BAN

Similac Recall 2010-Saudi Arabia Abbott Similac Baby Formula BAN – Saudi Arabia claimed on Monday that it would be banning the plastic and metallic cans of Similac powdered infant formula after the company announced that it could potentially contain beetle parts and their larvae. The company has been working with the FDA throughout the investigation, and willfully recalled their products after internal testing concluded that the bug parts could have made their way into nearly 5 million different products. They have identified the products in question and have released the lot numbers.

Soon after the recall took place, it was announced that the FDA found that there was no health risk, and that the recall was strictly for quality purposes. The recall affected the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam and several countries in the Caribbean.

The country said that they would not allow the product in their country anymore, and would be removing it from shelves throughout. A spokesman for the company in Saudi Arabia said that Similac sold locally in the area was manufactured in Ireland and was completely safe for consumption. The choice is obviously bad news for the company that has come under fire since the recall. It will be interesting to see if more countries decide to follow suit.

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