Vera Delgado Florida Hospital Circumcision Lawsuit – Family Sues For Unauthorized Circumcision – A mother and father of a newborn recently had problems with the hospital they had their pregnancy in, after the child was circumcised without the permission of either parent. This is leading to the parents suing the hospital and staff for the mistake, which caused grief to the family.

According to said family attorney Spencer Aronfeld, this is an extremely bad move by the hospital, and he said “For nearly 20 years that I have practiced law, I have not seen a case like this. This is not medical practice. It’s a battery.”

The child’s mother, Vera Delgado, was not all pleased with what happened, saying “They didn’t have consent. They didn’t have consent. We never did sign anything. And after they performed this circumcision, they didn’t call me right away. They didn’t say anything. I was very mad.”

According to Vera’s report, she repeatedly told the hospital that she did not want her son circumcised, yet the hospital did the procedure anyway. The hospital, South Miami Hospital, claimed they read the consent form wrong, and issued the following statement:

“The baby’s circumcision was an unfortunate mistake caused by a misread consent form. As soon as the error was discovered, the doctor and nurses let the family know what had occurred. We also immediately implemented new processes to ensure this mistake will not occur again. The procedure itself was performed following appropriate surgical guidelines and the baby didn’t have any complications. Nevertheless, we’re all deeply sorry that this happened”

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